Log of our seventh trip of 2023


Avon, NC

September 8-24, 2023

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle, Odo

Start 21,958

End 23,814

1856 Miles

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Back to the beach!

The first part of the trip was HOT and STEAMY.  Really hot and steamy.  Didn't really walk except for the morning.  Didn't go outside much.

The HVAC contractor had to replace the compressor in the outside air conditioner unit for the second time.

We got new railings on the deck and stairs down to the beach!  Old versus new:



HOWEVER!  Toodledip Wooozle was able to put his head through the old slats in the railing.  New code changed that.  He is NOT happy.


And some issues with sharing a single bed.  Guess I have to get another one.


Went to the pool for the first time!


Saw this huge white bird flapping away trying to balance itself thirty or forty feet up a tree.  It finally found its place.


And saw an Osprey!  This is before sunrise with only twilight available.


And a black rat snake!  A big one!


Had some water damage to the bathroom ceiling.


On a walk I noticed an Ohio license plate and a ham antenna.  Never met the fellow.  The antenna left with the renter.


And we saw chickens!  This is in front of the Vacasa laundry next to Nino's.


Hurricane Lee passed by about 300 miles out in the ocean.  That cooled things down and allowed windows to be opened and walks to be had.  That brought minor flooding but no rain.


An angry ocean as Hurricane Lee passed off shore.

Here's a direct link to the video.


But even with Lee off shore, we had sunny days!


Pretty sure this is a coyote.  The dogs reported it was fresh.


And some starfish.  This isn't a good one.  I found a nicer one that appeared to be alive.


There are more and more sneaky campers.  They squirrel themselves away in the brush.



I didn't keep track of walks this time but we did a bunch of them!


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