Log of our eighth trip of 2023


Avon, NC

October 6-21, 2023

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle, Odo

Start 23,921

End 25,617

1696 Miles

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Look who was there to say "Hello!" on my arrival!  And quite tame.


OH NO!  They closed the boardwalk to the sound at the end of Dory Lane!


They are still constructing new homes!


Pretty sure this is an Osprey.  He was hovering, stationary, not far from the sound side boardwalk at the back of Kinnakeet.


It is sixty degrees out but in the sun it feels like eighty.  In the wind it is EXTREMELY cold.  Outside the wind, toasty.


OH BOY!  Standoff at the gaggle of geese crossing!


Crossing at Nino's.  Someone has to move!


Turtles getting the last of the autumn sun.


This container ship is on the horizon.  Those containers are stacked REALLY high!


A moringing bird.  Haven't seen this one.


We have a slew of Cape May Warblers all over our bushes!


My chair, a FINCH


An Oceanside resident is trying a pool in the front yard!


Shutters everywhere!!!


Waiting for you!



I didn't keep track of walks this time but we did a bunch of them!


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