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A Voltmeter (REQUIRED!)


A Voltmeter (9376 bytes)If you haven't installed a voltmeter, I would HIGHLY recommend it.  The model I use is made by Radio Shack and designed to be plugged into a wall outlet.  I removed the plug assembly and installed a short cord.  The voltmeter is behind our sink and in an ideal position for monitoring the available power.

If we hook up and I'm showing 108 volts, I know I will have problems with power if I operate more than one piece of equipment at a time.  Operating the toaster oven with the air will probably trip a breaker.  If the meter shows a solid 120 volts, I am probably OK.  In fact, I will normally watch the meter when turning on the air to see if the voltage drops.  If the air comes on with no drop in voltage, I feel much more comfortable about the available power.


This ISN'T Brain Surgery!

On the newsgroups you often hear sayings like, "Better leave that one to the pros!" and "Take it to an expert!".  Well, folks, this isn't brain surgery.  However, should you not be as good with your hands as such jobs would require, bring your rig to me and in a few hours you'll have all the voltmeters you could want.  Beware, my rates are high, I have kids that need to go to college.  All work is done at whatever Cleveland, Ohio-area campground you care to choose but timed to my convenience (as I work 60 hours a week now!).

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