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An Adapter to Take Water From an Unthreaded Spigot



The Problem

Click for a larger imageThe problem comes when you go to fill with water.  You pull your hose to the spigot and find there are no threads on the darn thing.  Many places have these unthreaded things so that you are forced to drive your camper through the kids bicycling and playing to get water.  Sometimes the people that do these things don't think them out..

The Adapter

The adapter is simply a piece of heater hose.  Split the one end and use a clamp to connect it to the spigot.  Put a hose fitting in the other end.  Store it with a bungee cord which is used to hold the valve open when filling.

Click for a larger imageThe New Problem

In 2006 I found a new type of pole in the parks.  The spigot requires a one inch inside diameter hose.  The old hose works but leaks so I am now carrying two adapters.  Same idea, two sizes.  The new pole has a handicap button that is easy to push.  A bungee cord will hold it in.

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