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Overly restrictive RV zoning exists because RVers do not participate in government in a manner that will insure their representation.

In my town we had a legitimate problem with people who would move Ma and Pa into the backyard camper. Sans utilities the arrangement was less than adventageous when starting out and proved to be a significant detriment when long into practice. We also had problems that were not legitimate. These included the soccer moms who were confused about a persons right to enjoy their property.

My town answered with a very restrictive proposal that limited a recreational vehicle to eighteen feet. A canoe in a garage would have been illegal. The first meeting I attended revealed a badly motivated building commissioner who fed information into a town council that listened without thinking.

I counted one in three houses that would be affected by this proposal. I found a dozen or so RVers for the next meeting. These RVers were chosen from different parts of the city. Those RVers each rallied a few additional RVers and we went to the third meeting with about fifty owners. I rallied those in attendance to each bring ten additional affected residents to the next meeting. We were to be a group of five hundred and we were coming to the next meeting. We made sure the town council realized they would need crowd control for any additonal meeting they decided to have regarding this legislation.

They asked us to stop. They actually said, "Would you please stop?"

With the help of a Good Sam packet, we provided input that resulted in a legitimate prohibition. Ma and Pa went back to their shack. The rest of us went our way to quietly enjoy our land.

In order to fight these things you have to get out of your chair.  Government works but not by words in a blog. Who cares what you think? But action! An RVer who tears himself or herself away from their self-righteous blather to actually participate in government is a force to be reckoned with. Fifty or so RVers are even better.

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