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An auxiliary grinder (Macerator) switch

I am not a fan of a macerator ... a grinder


I am not a fan of a grinder, a Macerator. They fail too often. They are snowflakes when it comes to salt, water and weather, They are a kluge. Give me a normal sewer hose. Let the s*** fly.

But, I have a Macerator.

My motorhome doesn’t stink from the holding tanks. I believe the reason is my fastidious flushing of both holding tanks. I rarely have to carry black water for weeks at a time. After each trip I fill both tanks, flush, fill both tanks, flush and then do it again. I always travel with the bath vent open. I keep all traps filled with water. My RV doesn’t stink.

After a trip holding the dopey grinder button for the three forevers that are required to exhaust both tanks is unacceptable.

I bought a two pin IP67 aircraft connector. It is cheap. Drilled a half inch hole. Soldered some wires to it and a bog standard in-line light switch and wired it all up. Now I can plug in my switch, turn the grinder on and listen for the change in pitch when the tank is empty. The whole soldering, drilling and installation took a half hour.

I did NOT use some “in the box” safety switch or a toggle switch with a safety cover. They work looking down on a switch panel. Catch a towel down there and close the door on it and it will lift that cover and pop that switch to the on position. I replace the stupid grinder enough already. I don’t want to burn it out by leaving it on for a few days.

Every time I am completed from flushing I remove the switch and stow it.  Without the plug and switch the pump does not operate.  The new switch is in parallel with the old so the old red button still works fine.


Works great.




It is titled, "SZJELEN SP13 2pin/3pin/4pin/5pin/6pin/7pin/ 9pin Panel Mount Waterproof Aviation Connectors Plug Socket IP67, Electrical Cable Wire Connector (2pin, Panel Mount--Plug(Male)&Socket(Female)) "


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