Wolf's Roadtrek Motorhome Modifications

                    ... and Other Stuff


Our fourth motorhome!

A 2016 Roadtrek 190 Popular 19 feet

We put 35,697 miles on the Roadtrek

Our Trips

Repairing a JR Products Concealed Positive Catch Latch

'Lectrofan! White Noise Generator

Macerator issues and sealing up a macerator

An auxiliary grinder (Macerator) switch 

A better generator gas tank

Vent pipe extension to keep out debris

You WILL lose your Roadtrek water heater and fridge covers

A MUCH better Roadtrek electric input

EXCELLENT StowAway2.com rotating cargo tray

PiRV - a digital speedometer and temerature monitor

Towing a Mini Cooper behind a Roadtrek


A link to a very kind provider named Shorty of the EXCELLENT Parts Provider Listing for a 2014 is HERE



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