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Sealing a Macerator Pump


My macerator quit. Might have been due to eighteen inches of standing salt water I had to drive in to get to my condo after Hurricane Dorian. My macerator is bolted underneath the RV and open to all that I drive through. Yeah, the light sheeting sort of covering it provides some protection.


If you live or visit often an island thirty miles out in the Atlantic you will drive in salt water. Those who look aghast and say, “I will never!” are met with a polite smile. Be sure we will remove that “Salt Life” sticker off your truck. You don’t qualify.


I tore it down and found the motor housing full to the brim with water. Twenty gallons of clean water, a toothbrush and a good going over with a Dremel and it is back to full service. There is not much to a macerator pump.


My next goal will be to use Plasti Dip paint and seal the thing up.  Maybe.




Good as new!

Here is a link to the video which may be faster.


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