Wolf's Roadtrek Motorhome Modifications

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Stowaway rotating cargo tray -- LOVE IT


It would be a rare bird indeed who did not pine for more cargo space on a Roadtrek 190P.

I bought a bare Stowaway rotating tray mount from StowAway2.com.  FANTASTIC engineering.  I am really impressed and for the price, it can't be beat.



All I want is a tray.  In that configuration I can take a generator, bulky items or whatever I want without the problems of a box.  Note the lights centered on the motorhome and mounted below the tray.  They are hooked up to the trailer wiring and give me tail/brake/turn signals.





I have a wet bag that I've been using for many years that has been through long, torrential rainstorms.  It has always worked well.  I plan on continuing to use it.


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