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Towing a Mini Cooper


I don't really tow the Mini but when getting service on the Roadtrek but I could drag it all over the country if I wanted to.  I have a 2006 Mini Cooper Model S convertible.  I had to buy it.  I had no choice.  I was riding a motorcycle and would have killed myself.  My Mini S is my newer motorcycle.  Motorcycle danger problem solved.

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PLEASE DON'T ASK ME IF YOU CAN TOW YOUR MINI.  I have no idea.  I can tow my 2006 Mini S rag top with the standard transmission.  You use the key to unlock the steering column then return the key to the off position.  If you don't remove it the steering column is not locked and you are drawing no current from the Mini's battery.  Put it in neutral.  Release the parking brake.  Tow car.

 That is all I know.

 There are MANY Mini forums that have CLUELESS IDIOTS who never owned a motorhome and never towed a car.  They will opine that you should not do it.  If you go to a forum you must start your post like this, "PLEASE, no guesses.  I am looking for someone who has actual, real world knowledge on towing a Mini four down.  NO GUESSES! If you have never towed a Mini or are not an absolute expert in Mini transmissions, ignore this request."

Putting the tow plate on a Mini is a multiple day job.  One of those that once you do it you could do it again in a few hours.  The first time is a son of a gun.  I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT PUTTING IT ON.  Check for the manual here: 


The Blue Ox people are FANTASTIC and I would buy no other tow bar or base plate.

The tow tabs, seen later, are removable.

As to lights, I have a six pin on the Mini but only use four.  I removed the rear lights from the mini and drilled new half-inch holes and put in sockets and LED bulbs dedicated to ONLY towing.  I have NO connection to the Mini.  My bulbs are separate.



Where I located the bulbs in the back of the Mini Cooper taillight assembly:


Back a few motorhomes I did some research on tow chains and determined my cables outperform them by a mile.



Here are full left turn and full right turn pictures:



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