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Materials received on Thursday, October 16, 2008

stemming from my Butternut Ridge rezoning public records request

During October and October of 2008 I attended a number of meeting dealing with an attempt to rezone Butternut Ridge Road to allow multi-family homes on a small, bowling alley-shaped lot near State Route 252.  During the Planning Commission meeting and a subsequent public forum, I listened to seemingly conflicting information regarding various aspects of the city/developer's plan.  For example, a report that the sewers would accept the additional load from the homes was in stark contrast to other denials.  Mr. Ralph Bohlman, who is the past Director of Service and is eminently qualified to speak to this problem, indicated that he was positive the line would not carry the load.  During the public hearing, a resident next to the subdivision fearfully talked about a sanitary sewer than ran in her property.  Because the lid blew off when it rained, the sanitary sewer lid had to be bolted down.

How odd!

For this reason I sent a letter requesting data.  My request was as follows:

First, I am looking for the binder of information regarding the Biddulph Trail Subdivision. This was referenced in the August 19, 2008 council minutes as, “Thanks to Planning Director Wenger and her staff for putting together the informational binder concerning the development.” I wish to obtain a copy of that binder and any information that modifies the binder.

Second, during the Planning Commission meeting of October 24, 2008, both the planner and engineer made reference to a study or studies. First is the study as to the effect on traffic. Second is the study of the effect on wastewater and sewage. I wish to obtain a copy of any study used by the city in this decision making process.

The following was received on Thursday, October 16, 2008 from the Department of Law.  Clearly, there are numerous unresolved and other clearly improper problems, some might say flaming emergencies.  These have not been resolved.  For example, with respect to the sewage, there is no study--none at all.  There is, however, numerous reports that the sewers will not handle the load.

How odd!  How odd, indeed!

Index - As listed on the invoice for the records

July 13, 1963 or 1985 Plain Dealer article about 25747 Butternut Ridge Road

July 2, 2007 developer's Flickinger wetland study

October 1, 1997 drawing of old abandoned plan

October 24, 2007 Planning & Design Application

November 7, 2007 memorandum from ex-assistant city engineer Cathy Becker

The above is on a multitude of problems.

November 14, 2007 memorandum from building commissioner disclosing need for variances

November 14, 2007 memorandum from ex-assistant city engineer Cathy Becker regarding sanitary sewer problems


I don't believe I would like a sewer on my property that is "surcharging".

November 25, 2007 letter of J. Howard Childs objecting to the development

November 25, 2007 letter from Paula Ziebarth objecting to the development

November 28, 2007 drawings and pictures from meeting

November 28, 2007 Planning and Design excerpt of minutes

November 30, 2007 letter from Jeffrey Steed and Chris Scherry objecting to the development

January 7, 2008 developer's TMS Engineering traffic study pertaining only to inside the development

January 9, 2008 letter from Cliff Crabs objecting to the development

January 29, 2008 letter from Steven McQuillin objecting to the development

February 20, 2008 Rocky River Watershed Council letter objecting to this development due to sewage

May 14, 2008 Planning and Design excerpt of minutes

May 18, 2008 letter from Brian Gorris

May 28, 2008 developer's letter

June 2, 2008 letter from Cliff Crabs on hydro study

June 4, 2008 letter to Cliff Crabs on PRELIMINARY Storm Water Management Calculations

June 4, 2008 Zwick Site Engineering Plans - STORM WATER CALCULATIONS

June 9, 2008 letter from developer explaining remaining unaccounted for parcels

June 11, 2008 letter from Brian Gorris including 1997 minutes

June 11, 2008 Planning and Design excerpt of minutes

June 25, 2008 Planning Commission Report

June 25, 2008 memorandum from Assistant Director of Law to Planning on declaration problems

August 11, 2008 memorandum from Julie Bradford, signed by another, giving permission to Ronald DeLorenzo

October 7, 2008 packet of documents that reference ownership of the land

North Olmsted Codified Ordinance Chapter 1136 - Residential Cluster District

Page 21 and 22 of the North Olmsted Master Plan - Future Land Use Plan

Excerpts of various Landmarks Commission meetings


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